Cycle for change: A journey of hope in uganda

goal $25,000

Help setup a community education centre

You might be familiar with Brad, our former Board Chair, who cycled to Uluru in 2021 to raise funds for our projects. This time, he’s embarking on a cycling adventure around Uganda, covering over 2000 km and visiting various project locations and individuals we’ve supported.

Brad aims to raise $25,000 for a noble cause – transforming one of our projects into a versatile educational centre for youth in the region. This centre

will offer essential life skills through holiday programs encompassing topics like sex education, skills workshops, music, climate change, gender issues, mental health, income generation, first aid, career guidance, human rights, and justice. These programs are designed to empower older children as they step into the wider world.


Kasese District, located in western Uganda, faces challenges due to its dependence on nature-driven resources like agriculture and salt mining. The district has experienced attacks from Congolese rebels, leading to displacement, deaths, and a chronic cycle of poverty. Girls are disproportionately affected, often resorting to early pregnancies and marriages due to limited educational opportunities. Boys also face difficulties, including dropping out of school, engaging in casual labour, or joining criminal and drug-related activities.

Project Purpose

The Future Stars team will set up the Youth Camp’s purpose to educate young people, both in and out of school, about essential life skills. These include sexual reproductive health, climate change, gender issues, mental health, income generation, technical skills, first aid, career guidance, human rights, and justice. The goal is to empower the youth with practical life skills and knowledge not typically taught in schools but essential for their overall development. The organisation aims to reach both male and female youths in Kasese District, whether in school or not. Initially, they plan to start with 50 youths, ensuring equal representation across genders, religions, and tribal backgrounds. The organisation will invite experts in various fields to lead sessions, covering topics such as healthcare, education, law, nutrition, counselling, and more. The camp will be held at the organisation’s children’s village centre in Kidodo, Kasese Municipality. Accommodations, meals, and security will be provided for the participants.

Ongoing financial viability

This project will be self-funded by utilising the resources during specific seasons for paying guests from wealthier areas. In addition, the project has the backing of ‘I am Someone’ to make up for any shortfall. The money raised will cover materials to provide bedding, meals and an effective learning environment for students. The funds raised will include bedding, kitchen equipment, desks, audiovisual equipment, building renovations, and waste management.

By educating a child, we not only help an individual but families, communities and generations to come.
i am someone

To be able to reach out to a child who has no one, and completely transform their life is an amazing and unique experience and one that I’ll never tire of.

steve argent - founder