Orphfund’s 10th Birthday!

Oh Yes! Its our birthday!!! Today is the day we officially celebrate 10 years of OrphFund being a charity!

Its been one heck of a decade. So many highs and quite a few lows. Its taken incredible determination, effort, belief and commitment to make it to this point. I’ve encountered loss, sickness, stress, depression, sadness, frustrations and many disappointments, but alongside that its been a journey that has also brought the greatest highs of my life. Love, laughter, friendships made (and lost), freedom, travel (to wild and remote villages) and experiences with people and communities who simply make me feel alive.

The children we help are shining! Leaders of tomorrow are growing out of our efforts and they inspire us constantly to keep on going and to push to help more kids!

OrphFund is my heartbeat… To those that have joined me on part of this journey you help keep the dream alive and allow us to simply do what we do. 
There’s much more that can happen, all it takes is more people helping out, so if you’ve ever had the urge make sure you get involved in the next decade!
Onwards we go! 

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