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May 21 Uganda

Addressed a congregation of 1800 people today with three good results…

-We will have a weekly collection of clothes and shoes (which are very expensive) on an ongoing basis. 
-We will also be able to put a fundraising box on the wall in the church. 
-And, some of the orphans will be able to go into this Cathedral, and perform for money, next weekend.

This Sunday a blind boy sang AMAZINGLY and made 260,000 shillings, (a lot of money about $220), enough to put him through school for a semester. A great result, hopefully matched by the orphans next weekend.

Getting unwanted clothes from the wealthy parishioners will take a huge financial load from Orphfund importing clothes, and allow that money saved to be spent on more of its great work. It doesn’t take much to make a great difference over here.

This “high church” was very impressed by the work Orphfund do, as is MSF. These organisations have not come across anything like Orphfund before, a group dedicated to the most desperate children who are normally forgotten.


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