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May 26 Kenya

The orphanage, ‘Heartspring’, is so beautiful and lush, high in the mountains near Lake Victoria.

There are some fancy houses around, one of them built by the founder of a charity a year after it was set up. People are suspicious. That’s why I am so fully behind Orphfund.


At night last night, there was fabulous music and proper drumming to fall asleep to.

We are roughing it more here, dorm rooms, bucket showers and pit toilets.

The kids have turned the ‘wild’ down a notch, probably because of a closer involvement with a stricter school. They all seem healthy and happy, though more hear wear the scars of past trauma, some look serious.

The internet is sketchy, I’m standing on my friends shoulders on a rooftop with my arm stretched out. Sometimes internot..

There is extreme need here as well, and a different relationship with us ‘muzungo’, people are slightly more wary, and less inclined to open up immediately. I don’t mind that.

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