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May 29


More interviews, more kids coming in. There is such need, such a fine line between vulnerable and super vulnerable. It takes a lot of time to get it right…

So far we have gathered 12 new sponsors. THANKYOU!! You are changing lives. It’s incredible… we still need more though.

Tomorrow we head to Nairobi, then via a stack of ugly airports to Sierra Leone, to start again! Who knows what we will find?

In the meantime, Orphfund is expanding the school on site, turning bricks in to classrooms…

May 30


Too soon to be leaving.

Lots of ticks off the big list, the boss is happy.

On a coach to Nairobi, beginning a day or 2 of travel the 9000km to Freetown, Sierra Leone, to the next 4 orphanages… going via London to pick up another 100kg of donated goods to take to the harshest of the Orphfund projects.

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