Henry and Alfonse: Orphfund Ugandas Newest Team Members.

Meet Orphfunds newest team members, Uganda local coordinators and all round superstars, Alfonse and Henry.

Both men have been true friends to our Australian and Ugandan team, and our children over the past year – providing invaluable guidance, assistance, support, love and many laughs. 

Alfonse and Henry have hearts the size of Africa, as well as a wealth of experience in the care of vulnerable children, and project management of health, education, sport and pastoral care programs.

Providing extra care and guidance for each Orphfund child’s individual welfare and edcation/vocational plans, the coordinators will also provide much needed assistance to our hard working staff and local partners across our three projects in Uganda. 

Wasingya kutsibu embriri Henry and Alfonse! Ngakwanzire! 

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