Orphfunds biggest ever project!

The OrphFund team is off to Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone in May/June 2017 and on the biggest trip we have ever planned. We are visiting ALL of our many African projects and our To-Do list is getting bigger everyday!

To maximise our time in Africa and create truly effective change, we need every dollar possible and so we are asking our wonderful friends of OrphFund to help us in supporting our children by donating to the Project Fund.

We will be spending valuable time with every one of our 350 children living across 8 Children’s Villages to do the following:

Profile each child
Medical assessment and treatment
Sex Ed and sanitation health courses
Education and vocational planning and local mentor partnerships
Establishing more social activity options for our kids outside of school (football team, learning instruments etc)
Individual needs assessment
And of course, sharing lots of smiles and hugs!

Plus, we have lots planned to improve our infrastructure >

Uganda – Kitholi, Karasundara and Kasese Projects

Planting more trees!
Construction of toilet/shower block in Kitholu School and Children’s Village
Purchase of new beds, mosquito nets and mattresses across all projects
Increase the capacity of our agricultural and chicken farms
Add to school libraries

Kenya – Heartsprings and Hilltop Projects

Planting more trees!
Adapt shipping container to be used for computer study area
Classroom construction
Painting of homes
Refurbish of kitchen
Sierra Leone – Tombo, Kamakwie, Samaya, Medina and Makeyni Projects
Establishing new Children’s Village, complete the build and furnish the homes
Interview new children to be part of the new home
Build fences
Rice loans
Tree planting across all projects

Check out our mycause page link below to donate! 



As always, every member of the OrphFund team pays all their travel and living costs as well as contributes at least $2000 to the Project Fund.


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