It’s time to replace mosquito nets, mattresses and bedding for each of our children at our 8 Children’s Villages and we need your help!
Sleeping is important! Even the smallest donation will help all our children sleep in clean, healthy, comfortable beds.
Mosquito net: $4
Mattress: $10
Blanket + Sheet + Pillow: $9
Double bunk bed: $28
Malaria is one of the biggest threats to young African children, resulting in serious illness, expensive medical treatment, missing school and sometimes death. The best defence is mosquito nets. The nets usually last 2-3 years until they start to shred and need to be replaced.
Many of our children also need new bedding. After 3-4 years the foam mattresses disintegrate and are often filthy, urine-soaked and sometimes bedbug-ridden. A lot of the bunkbeds need repairs or full replacement as they get quite rickety over the years.

Click the link to donate!

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