On the Road!

Seven of our volunteers had some hard goodbyes with the children of Kasese Children’s Village, and hit the road for Kenya, Orphfund’s Heartspring Children’s Village. 

Volunteers – Glenn Rees, Salvo Out, Ken Argent, Nic Six, Gee Manofdarkness, Steff Steff, Mark Wilrfred Anstey. 





“16 hours into our journey from project Uganda to project Kenya. Hoping to reach Heartspring by 3am! 8 Tired and hungry volunteers!!!”

“The biggest smiles and the kindest souls. Being a volunteer is humbling, inspiring, challenging, emotional and rewarding – the love from these kids is like no other. Saying goodbye yesterday was hard, but we are now on our way to Kenya and can’t wait to see the kids at the Orphfund Heartspring Children’s Village and share our progress with you all!”

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