Bumps in the road… Sierra Leone Style.

Oh dear! What a frustrating day in Sierra Leone! This place sometimes takes the joy out of helping the kids. Corruption at its worst got hold of me in the central city of Makeni. My passport’s been seized and I’ve been slapped with a $200 fine for having a valid visa and everything I should have. They simply make stuff up and threaten me with a trip to the police station if you don’t pay! Beyond upsetting when u r here to help!!!
Next up was our trip to K
amakwie. We’ve a fabulous old driver by the name of Morlai who drives the worst car ever – but it’s got character! We’ve been in torrential rain for part of the journey with half a wiper and zero visibility, somehow he’s negotiated the roads. Then, 3 miles from the waiting children in Kamakwie, as midnight approaches we get a flat tyre! No working jack and no spare!!! Oh Sierra Leone!!! It ain’t easy!!!

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