A request for help from our Orphfund Family and Friends!!


We have recently returned from our biggest African trip to date, visiting every OrphFund centre & every OrphFund child across Uganda, Kenya & Sierra.

Phew! While we are still just catching our breath, our job is only half finished.

On top of all the ongoing mountains of work to keep OrphFund functioning & supporting our 3500 kids day-to-day, we also have many new urgent tasks to action resulting from this trip.

Spending time with our kids is the best – sharing love, playing, learning and dancing. Just as importantly, while we are in the field, we create new registration profiles, sponsor profiles, education & health plans etc. as well as extensive photographic & film documentation.

We have come home with hundreds (thousands?) of photos & videos to sort; reports, stories & interviews to type; letters & drawings to scan etc.

All of this amazing, beautiful, inspiring content about our children & our projects is just waiting to be compiled so we can share with our OrphFund family, sponsors & friends over the next year.

This is where we are asking for your help!

If you have any time to spare, even just a few hours, you can be an OrphFund Superstar!

We have lots of simple computer-based tasks including:
-basic graphic design
-data entry
-sorting & cataloging photographs
-Xero accounting
-copy writing
-scanning letters & drawings etc.

We have jobs you can do at home or at one of the upcoming working bees in Melbourne.

If you are not so keen on computer work you can still help!

We always need volunteers to help Steven Argent for a few hours each month at our Rose St & Bendigo Markets, as well as clever eager beavers to help out with our fundraising initiatives.

We would really love your help, no matter what your skill or interest or availability or expertise.

Help us to support our OrphFund kids – together we can carry the load.

Contact Bela Mitchell: sponsorship@orphfund.org

TLDR: Calling All OrphFund Superstars

Mark Wilfred Anstey Danielle Knight ❤️

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