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May 17 – Uganda –

Today I am ferrying more of the children to MSF for routine check-ups. Yesterday we connected the MFS doctors with kids in extreme need, it will change their lives. This really is the most amazing way to transform poverty, because so little to us truly saves lives and renews society over here.

In an interview with the MSF supervisor yesterday, we were reflecting on how the abrupt introduction of the European education system was difficult. Kids used to spend their time with their family, and watch parents going about their daily lives.

They learnt how to survive off the land through osmosis, as they learnt their language. It is important not to glorify too much this existence, as it was extremely basic, but when faced with the poverty and extreme needs we see here, we have to ask questions. In one way, the more education and child receives the less likely he or she is to get work!

I wish I could bring you all over here to see for yourself. Such a fertile magnificent country, such joy, such a confusing situation.

Mark Wilfred Anstey

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