Meet Davis – OrphFund Scholarship student – 19 years old.

Regional champion debator and school council chairman, he also loves dancing, music, acting – anything with an audience really. Davis has a bright future as a lawyer, politician or Nollywood superstar.

As each OrphFund child grows up we are faced with the same questions – how can we ensure he or she has the best possible transition to adulthood outside of the Children’s Villages? How is the cycle of intergenerational poverty broken?

Each child will follow a different pathway and OrphFund is committed to supporting all our children to independence suiting the best of their skills & abilities.

A major focus for 2018 is creating more opportunities for our young adults.

Our teams in Uganda, Kenya, Sierra Leone & Australia are facilitating vocational counseling & training, apprenticeships, higher education scholarships, micro-business development & mentorships to help with every step of the journey.

All of these projects require funding beyond our children’s day-to-day living costs sponsorships. Our challenge is to meet those gaps so we can provide our kids with the opportunities they need to succeed.

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