Kenya Celebrations

We are so proud when reflecting on all the wonderful strides our team, projects & kids made in Kenya this year…

Check some of them out:

✨ -> Built 3 new classrooms for our Heartspring School, Kenya.

-> Made room for extra children following hundreds of interviews with children from villages far and wide. ( HIV still devastates the area, so many children in need & we are trying our best to support & empower them.

✨ -> 5 of our children reached university in Nairobi. Through outstanding performance, they accessed grants to attend the highest level. SO proud of them! 

-> Successfully raised fees for 29 secondary students to continue in high achieving regional boarding schools.

✨ -> Continued our outreach project support for 21 children in the Masai province helping them through primary and secondary school.

✨-> Re-opened an onsite clinic in Heartspring with onsite nurse for small accidents and illnesses! 

What a difference some dedicated volunteers can make in partnership with the incredible humans throughout the regions we reach! ???? by volunteer @stephranty

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