June 24th – Day 2.

Day 2 – Sunday is a buzz of activity around the centre! We start with planting. With constantly rising food prices the need to grow our own food is essential. 23 mango and 26 cashew trees are planted, with banana, guava and avocado to come. We’re also planning a sweet potato crop and a kitchen garden for chillies, onions, cucumbers to be grown.
The star of the day is 14 year old Amadu! He came and asked me for 60cents as he wants to repair the television. An hour or two later the kids are elated as the tv has sound again! They dance to a reggae DVD in celebration. Go amadu!!
Another highlight was handing out the school bags full of amazing gear. (Maths sets, lunch bowls, pens, pencils, books, water bottles) make for some truly grateful children.
Throughout the day the local team of builders make some steady progress on our new kitchen, foundations and bricks are made.
In the late afternoon we randomly stumble on to the set of a Sierra Leonean horror movie (very odd!) before playing out a Team Orphfund game of football – Another epic encounter ending 11-9!
The night ends with a food and nutrition meeting as we try to work out the best for the kids with our limited monthly budgets.
Each day is non stop and tiring, but to be here and be able to take so many steps forward is so worthwhile!

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