Steve and Mark return to Sierra leone!

Tomorrow somewhat reluctantly (and partially excitedly) i head back to Sierra Leone for a whirlwind 8 days of intensive work across our OrphFund projects.
Its always emotional. I’ll be sad to leave my own family for that of my Orphfund family. I’m worried that i’ll become sick again! I’m excited to see how those little faces have grown. I’m reluctant, as its always an enormous challenge and such a hard place to work. Its exhausting and definitely not another holiday. We’ve 2 nights at airports and will be non stop building, holding meetings, travelling across most of the country in local taxis and motorbikes and catching up with all those kids.

Sierra Leone brings the biggest highs and lows of any place we work. Its desperately poor and i continue to go back as what we have set up since 2007 is making huge differences in so many lives and helping build a better future for those we can reach out to.

Myself and Mark Wilfred Anstey who is coming with me pay our own way, and give up way more than money to make this magic happen. (Blood, sweat, tears and a good chunk of our hearts go into this!)
We’d both be so grateful if you can help the OrphFund kids out and donate whatever you can to help us be as productive as we can be out there. We’ve masses to do and achieve and really need donations to help us help them.

Aussies/world can donate here –
UK here –

Huge thanks to anyone that helps! Lets make things better in the world!

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