june 26th – day 4.

Day 4 – A return to our original home.
It’s a frustrating and uneventful start to the day as we attempt to move from tombo to our project in the north. The roadside negotiation with 10 locals (only one of whom is the actual taxi driver) chews up an hour, before we finally hit the road in a battered, heavily decorated taxi. Sadly the new road project has ended at the half way point, a new government has new ideas and completing this road isn’t one of them. A slow and uncomfortable familiar ride over cratered ground and through rivers of water begins.
8 hours in we finally complete the 120km route to our home, Orphfunds original home. Kamakwie.
There are both girls and boys football matches being played, all of which stop in an instant as they hear our car arrive. Cheering, dancing, hugs and smiles flow for the rest of the day.
These are our original kids and aunties who we’ve been in this with since 2007 and a huge delight to be back home with old friends.
We take a tour and it’s beyond impressive! Suzanne our new centre manager has worked wonders! The homes sparkle with pride, the newly approved and painted primary and secondary schools glow, surrounded by the most impressive Orphfund garden I have seen!
To come back and see such progress has inspired me beyond my dreams! This place is finally where we have all been working so hard to take it to.
In the dying light we hand out more school bags and then settle down under the stars with the aunties, laughing our way into the night. Thank you kamakwie!

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