A new life.

Two months ago we were able to get little Francline and his two sisters away from their violent and neglectful drunkard father, and into a safe and loving home at our Heart Springs Children’s Village in Kenya.

Living in a derelict one-room mud shack and often alone for days or weeks as their father left the village or was too drunk to return, the children were left to fend for themselves. When their father was at home, he would complain of no food, then abuse and beat his children.

Living in fear and in true hardship, the children would escape to an elderly neighbour whenever possible, only gaining temporary sanctuary from the violence and neglect.

This lack of support also meant that the three siblings needed to work in the evenings and in holidays to try and find money for food and school.

We are so happy that these brave and resilient siblings are now safe in our care and can look forward to a proper childhood and a home of love.

You can help OrphFund create a better future for vulnerable children like Melyine, Francline and Saline.

A donation of $20-$35 per month is all it takes to change one more child’s story from bleak hardship to one of hope and opportunity.

Email sponsorship@orphfund.org to learn more.

OrphFund is volunteer-powered so 100% of donations are spent on our children’s care.

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