Watching our kids grow.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our older kids make their first steps towards independence & adulthood.

There are still many challenges on their path, but together with the support of our sponsors, our local teams, and the OrphFund family, we can continue to build bright futures.

Meet Saffie Toray from Kamakwie Children’s Village, Sierra Leone, a wonderful young woman who is now completing her final years at high school with great promise, despite her difficult start in life.

Saffie has come so far in the 7 years she has been with OrphFund. We couldn’t be prouder of her, as well as our other young adults as they set their sights on their future dreams.

Every new sponsor allows us to open a world of opportunity & love for another child. If you would like to help a child just like Saffie please email

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