Repost from our team in Sierra Leone

Turay Osman. 

Just one of many individual success stories of our children. 🙂

‘It’s of great importance to extend our thanks and appreciation to whole team of ORPHFUND AUSTRALIA for your help. This boy name James Palmer, came to the aid of Orphfund in 2009. At that time, he was living by the Beach side of Lakka Village. After the dead of his parents in 2008, he dropped out of school as a result of having nobody to help him out. The Orphfund team met him by the beach which was his permanent place of getting his daily bread. We took him from there and brought him to our newly established home at Hamilton Village by then. He was sent back to school. Orphfund sponsored him from primary 4 and now he is taking his final high school exams (WASSCE) which will permit him to be enroll into university if he performs well. We are happy because it is a success story, from being dropped out to now hoping to enter university. We Orphfund Tombo is saying a big thank you to whosoever in diverse ways has contributed toward sending this boy to school. We hope you would continue to do more till he finally acquire tertiary education.’

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